PCWA Meeting News: August 2022

This is Francis Collins from Primrose Creek Watershed Association.

I want to thank you for your attendance and input in the NHCS quarry and Lower Primrose Creek Meeting  2-3 pm, August 23, 2022.

All of us appreciate the importance of Robert Fogel’s facilitation and his request for our questions to focus this one hour meeting.

Respecting that time restraint, I would like to ask that we all agree to consider having another timely one hour meeting soon after that covers the elements of the lower creek restoration in greater detail.

To add structure to both meetings, I have taken the liberty to write a basic overview that covers the concerns, and specific questions in the context of the “WHOLE Primrose Creek’s restoration”.

What is important is that all of the partners (Solebury School, PCWA, and DEP) have a common historical, geographical and environmental BMP reference base.

Please review PCWA’s questions in the pdf and supplementary maps and visual material.


Francis Collins

Primrose Creek Watershed Association


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  1. I think your maps are really good… But your spelling is A little off… This is really fine thanks Eliza

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